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  • Is Van Beukenstein a 'professional’ band?

No, not in the sense that we make a living out of it! We may sound and work professionally, but - legally - we are an "informal association". The band consists of former pros and semi-pros, who now all have different jobs and are playing just for the fun of it. The cost compensations for gigs are being put back into the band and are used to make Van Beukenstein work as well as possible and cover all costs. This ensures that we can provide optimal conditions, which the audience notices in the best lighting and sound equipment and the client has as little administrative hassle as possible.

  • How can I book a gig with Van Beukenstein?

We work with an organisation called Band Care from Katwijk, which guarantees proper management of gigs, sound, lighting etcetera. On this web page you'll find all Band Care contact data You can either call or mail them. Through Band Care we draw up a contract with you that mentions all terms and agreements. Of course you will get a receipt after your payment. That's all!


  • When and where can I see Van Beukenstein live on stage?

Keep an eye on our band calendar to visit one of our gigs. Or watch our movies on Youtube! Most recordings there show Van Beukenstein live on stage. What You See Is What You Get!!


Interested in booking us? Contact Bert de Geus

phone +31 6 423 20 796


Band Care

Valkenburgseweg 50A

2223 KE  Katwijk (ZH)

The Netherlands

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