Cees Bergman

As the lead singer in the band 'Catapult', Cees Bergman scored both national and international hits during the seventies, with songs like 'Hit The Big Time', 'Let Your Hair Hang Down', 'Teeny Bopper Band', 'Seven Eleven' and 'The Stealer'.


During the following years, Cees was involved in many famous music productions in the roles of co-producer and singer. The very distinguishable sound of his voice can be heard on countless recordings.


With Van Beukenstein, Cees Bergman returns as a genuine rock singer on the Dutch stages.


Rock and Roll!

On  September 21, 2017, quite suddenly, our lead singer Cees Bergman passed away. Cees was a tremendous musician, gifted with a beautiful voice - which only got better through time..
But above all, he was both a musical and a personal friend.
Both his family and we the bandmembers will miss him very much.
We gave Cees our solemn promise that we would carry on with Van Beukenstein. It wasn't easy, but we kept our promise. ROCK ON!
To all fans and friends of Van Beukenstein this quote:
"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened!"

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